PIMS- IFDS- NSF Summer School on Optimal Transport: Local Information

Getting to UW

All lectures will take place at the University of Washington’s Johnson Hall, room 102. The UW getting here page has up to date information on getting to campus and finding your way around once you get here. The UW Visitor center also has a lot of relevant information on UW and Seattle.

Information about parking near the campus can be found here.

Flying to Seattle

If you are arriving by air, the SoundTransit 1 line connects Seattle’s airport SeaTac with the U-District station. You may also stop at the University of Washington station. The latter is recommended if you are traveling late at night.

The trip takes around 50 minutes and costs around $3.25.

Internet access while on campus

The easiest option is to use eduroam. See instructions here.

If you’d rather use UW wifi network, see these instructions.

About Seattle

Seattle is a very friendly city with lots to see and do and there are lots of excellent dining options. If you would like to explore the city of Seattle, the videos below will help you get oriented quickly.

Getting around in Seattle

Places to visit in Seattle


Although, in general, Seattle is a very safe city, it is still important to pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you are alone and walking late at night. Here are some tips to remain safe during your stay. Travel in groups if you are venturing outside the campus late at night. If you are close to campus and feel unsafe at night, please call Husky Nightwalk at 206.685.9255 to ask for a uniformed guard who will escort you back to your accommodation. If you are a victim of a crime, please call the emergency number 911 from any phone. For any non-emergencies, call the campus police at 206.685.8973. The phones on campus are free if you call emergency. If you are using the Seattle Light rail late at night, please use the University of Washington Stadium station instead of the U-district station. Avoid any confrontation with strangers on the streets.